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"I have the express purpose, the experience to do the job, and the support of Council as to their confidence in me."
Involving Residents in Critical Decisions

I'm dedicated to helping residents understand how the City works and how best to interact with staff & Council.


Navigating the ins and outs of City Hall can be a mystifying process, and residents typically only are aware of issues that directly affect them when they receive a mailer notifying them of a water/sewer/tax rate adjustment or a nearby parcel that is being considered for re-zoning. Even when responding to these items, sometimes it feels like we're still disconnected from the process. I have plans for a continual outreach program designed to change this.

Responsibly Managing Our Taxes

As a director of the Murphy Community Development Corporation (MCDC/4B), I have been involved in budget decisions that support our City operations and I understand the needs that require budgetary support. I was instrumental in creating the Community Grant Program that puts dollars back into the hands of residents that are better suited to helping beautify and develop this City.

Pushing to Do More Than the Bare Minimum

The State of Texas requires the City to inform residents within a 200-ft buffer around any parcel that is in consideration for a zoning change. But ask yourself - is 200-ft really enough notification? Are residents less likely inclined to care if they are 500-ft away from a parcel? History and public comment shows us that's not the case, so let's change our own ordinance to reflect a more thoughtful and caring City.

Striving to Uphold Our Vision for Murphy

Our outdated Comprehensive Land Use Plan is nonetheless the guiding rule right now. Why aren't we pushing to attract the businesses that our residents desperately want and need, rather than allowing specific use permits (SUPs) to push Murphy into a development of fast-food drive-throughs? While we might be a commuter's haven, we aren't serving our own residents with these actions.


We are overdue in starting the process for a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan that will help guide the final build-out of Murphy. My experience in municipal planning projects can help push us forward and make sure that residents have the opportunity to re-evaluate and assess the direction of the City.

Asking Questions That Cannot Be Ignored

If you've ever heard me speak at a City Council or Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, you're probably aware that I'm not afraid to ask the tough questions or challenge the status quo. While I'm not a rabblerouser for the sake of being obstinate, it is imperative that we residents can ask questions and be involved in City decisions, especially relating to our tax dollars, conduct of the City, and strategic planning.

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